Alco-TMI relies upon a skilled and diversified team. To maintain its competitive edge in its areas of excellence, the company constantly invests in continuous professional development for its employees. With the understanding that success relies on a multidisciplinary team with varied age groups, the company pays special attention to match junior employees with experienced mentors, on the one hand to ensure effective knowledge transfers and, on the other, to sustain and strengthen our work teams.

The company’s human resources department is present in all company departments, thus enhancing interdepartmental communications, as well as individual and collective understanding of project mandates.

Estimating Team

This experienced team includes engineers, technicians and drafters, all fully trained in the latest technologies in their respective fields. This highly qualified team offers wide-ranging services, such as blueprints and specifications, estimates, turnkey project management, and more.

Workshop team

Customers can rely on our workshop team, which is composed of highly experienced workers and a shop inspector in charge of controlling the quality of every product we fabricate. Our team uses sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee rapid manufacturing and installation lead times.

Construction Team (jobsites)

The construction team relies on a highly diversified personnel pool, including skilled construction workers who are trained and qualified to carry out complex jobs. These workers are backed by a management team that excels in such essential areas as lifting plans, technical drawings, administrative management, staff management and, of course, project management.

Plant Production Team

This team is made up of welders, assemblers, supervisors and quality controllers with many years of manufacturing experience. The production team can count on cutting-edge equipment and technologies to fulfill their tasks in compliance with manufacturing deadlines and high quality standards.

Health & Safety Team

Health & Safety is an organizational value, and Alco-TMI can count on the vast technical experience of its dedicated health & safety team, including a coordinator, advisors, and CSST-accredited prevention officers (Quebec Health & Safety Board). Members of this team are involved in each and every project we undertake, from A to Z. On the strength of its risk management and prevention record, Alco-TMI has voluntarily registered for the CSST retrospective rating program. Our health & safety statistics are a faithful reflection of the continuous efforts and engagement of all Alco-TMI employees. 

Quality Control Team

Our quality control team is made up of experienced, specialized employees who see to the application and observance of ISO, ASME, CSA, RBQ and other standards. The team inspects the quality of raw materials and manufactured products, from reception to delivery to customers, as well as jobsite installation. 

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