In construction, Alco-TMI is both a general and specialty contractor. Our expertise encompasses piping, boilermaking and industrial mechanics.

In PIPING, Alco-TMI designs, manufactures and installs all types and sizes of pipe systems using standard or exotic materials.

In BOILERMAKING, Alco-TMI designs, builds and installs boilers, heat exchangers, ducts, tanks, and other components.

In INDUSTRIAL MECHANICS, Alco-TMI designs, manufactures, and installs production equipment, and conducts pre-operational inspections.

In recent years, Alco-TMI has developed turnkey expertise, meaning that the team is involved in every aspect of any given project, from engineering to installation. The service is available across Canada. Our quality assurance system for this type of project is extremely tight and meets all international standards. Our company can engage teams of up to 300 people for such large-scale operations.

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